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Why Support Missives From Missouri on Kachingle?

Since December 2009, Missives from Missouri has been operated solely by Kyle Hill. From hashing out the concept on the Kentish Riviera, to wading through mounds of HTML formatting in-between shifts delivering sandwich trays, and finally getting back into broadcast media after spending countless hours converting e-mailed JPG files into seemingly presentable PNGs, he's put a lot of work into publishing and maintaining this ongoing archive.

Missives has become a regular go-to site for many in the Show-Me State and throughout the US wanting to keep tabs on their legislators and the issues they are pursuing. And improvements are inevitable: a dedicated Web server, automatic cataloguing of bills mentioned, secure methods for volunteers to upload missives (or even allowing staff members of legislators and county officials to post their own), among other possibilities. Oh, and far more appealing aesthetics.

For this to even be looked into, we're going to need a bit of capital. But although Kyle could foot the bill 100 percent, he's hoping that readers will come to the support of Missives. Thus, we've signed up with Kachingle.

Kachingle is funded by its voluntary users for the benefit of Web sites like Missives. Web surfers who sign up for Kachingle pay just $5 a month and indicate which sites they visit and are willing to pay toward supporting. At the end of the month, Kachingle proportionally divides the $5 among the sites the user has logged. While Kachingle is based in California, they have a significant presence in Missouri, with several of its executives previously calling the state home and their Top Kachingler being the Columbia Missourian.

By participating, Missives will receive small payments via Kachingle from users. We don't handle the payment information, nor would you have to remember separate passwords or multiple accounts. One Kachingle account will enable you to support Missives and other Web sites. And as the payments add up (which you will be able to keep track), we'll increase our options to make Missives from Missouri more of a resource for political junkies and concerned citizens all over the state and beyond.

Kachingle's main goal, as is ours, is to support the future of open media and the countless hours of work online journalists and sites like Missives From Missouri. And you can help in that progress, not only with a nominal monthly contribution, but also by encouraging others to visit the sites you support. You'll find our Kachingle medallion in the upper-left of each page. Just mouse over and click "join" or visit our Kachingle profile page.

Thank you for your support and patronage of Missives from Missouri.