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Archived Missives By Legislator And Bill

Participation and Departures

95th General Assembly (2009-2010)

Republicans12 of 88Republicans10 of 23
Democrats8 of 74Democrats1 of 11
Departing RepresntativesJoe Smith (R-St. Charles) (76)
Cynthia Davis (R-O'Fallon) (31)
Doug Ervin (R-Kearney) (10)
Allen Icet (R-Wildwood) (1)
Jeff Roorda (D-Barnhart) (24)
Marilyn Ruestman (R-Joplin) (40)
Departing SenatorsGary Nodler (R-Joplin) (45)

Legislation Mentioned, By Session

Compiled as of 4 January 2011

95th General Assembly (2009-2010)

HB1311 HB1764 HJR57 SJR25 HB1695 SB793 SB844 HB1472 HB2 (3) HB1498 HB1377 HB1675 HCR18 SB618 HCR34 SB586 HB1848 HB2081 SB733 HB1966 HB1 (3) HB1497 HB1524 HB1408 HB1750 HJR48 SCR35 HB1543 HB1868 SB851 SB887 SJR29 HB1544 HB1692 HB1893 HB1903 HB1965 HB2178 HJR64 HJR88 SB577 SB855 SB884 SB928 SB1 (3) HB1327 HB1341 HB1691 HB1787
HB1898 HB1960 HB2252 SB583 SB607 SB714 SB747 HB1473 HB1521 HB1601 HB1786 HB1986 HB2002 HB2014 HCR17 HCR35 HCR46 HJR62 HJR78 SB615 SB777 SB999 SCR33
HB1227 HB1350 HB1442 HB1444 HB1511 HB1741 HB1806 HB1812 HB1831 HB2070 HB2198 HB2262 HB2317 HB2357 HB82 HCR3 HCR39 HCR7 HJR56 SB587 SB617 SB725 SB757 SB895 SB940 SCR32 SCR34 SJR34 HJR15 (1) SJR5 (1) HB1238 HB1270 HB1382 HB1434 HB1512 HB1519 HB1548 HB1625 HB1766 HB1802 HB1826 HB1835 HB1840 HB1864 HB2003 HB2007 HB2131 HB2147 HB2182 HB2245 HB2261 HB2270 HB2449 HB390 HB62 HCR24 HJR50 HJR74 HJR86 SB1007 SB1040 SB588 SB589 SB594 SB596 SB602 SB649 SB739 SB758 SB784 SB786 SB828 SB829 SB842 SB880 SB883 SB920 SB975 SB976 SB984 SCR36 SCR46 SCR55 SB2 (3) HB1029 HB105 HB106 HB1075 HB1125 HB1205 HB1206 HB1207 HB1210 HB1225 HB1228 HB1229 HB1231 HB1234 HB1235 HB1236 HB1271 HB1289 HB1290 HB1291 HB1316 HB1351 HB1365 HB1370 HB1375 HB1383 HB1404 HB1446 HB1467 HB1495 HB1514 HB1516 HB152 HB154 HB1546 HB1584 HB1635 HB1636 HB1643 HB1644 HB1659 HB1660 HB1662 HB1663 HB1667 HB1684 HB1713 HB1727 HB1742 HB1747 HB1773 HB1788 HB1842 HB1871 HB191 HB1953 HB1977 HB1996 HB2000 HB2009 HB2010 HB2011 HB2039 HB2048 HB2058 HB2082 HB2145 HB2164 HB2165 HB2201 HB2205 HB2219 HB2276 HB2294 HB2297 HB2300 HB2318 HB2373 HB2384 HB2417 HB544 HB661 HCR38 HCR41 HCR9 HJR47 HJR69 HJR76 HJR87 HJR93 HR628 SB1004 SB1018 SB1050 SB128 SB313 SB604 SB636 SB673 SB701 SB744 SB754 SB773 SB774 SB791 SB795 SB801 SB804 SB808 SB818 SB821 SB825 SB835 SB838 SB886 SB896 SB902 SB903 SB907 SB917 SB918 SB943 SB969 SB979 SB982 SB998 SCR37 SCR38 SCR45 SCR59 SJR23 SJR31 SJR32 SJR35 SJR38 SJR44 SJR86

94th General Assembly (2007-2008)

HB1549 HB60 HB1055 HB1341 HB1678 HJR7 SB1038 SB724 SB818

93rd General Assembly (2005-2006)

HB1026 HB2008 HB869 SB1 (3) SB10 SB578

92nd General Assembly (2003-2004)