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19 March 2010

Gatschenberger: Town Hall Invitation, House Opposition to Federal Health Care

Please be my guest!

What:  Town Hall Meeting
When:  Thursday, March 25th – 7:00 pm
Where:  Wentzville City Hall - 310 West Pearce Boulevard


Attendees of my last Town Hall Meeting requested a return visit of speakers for and against the Missouri Fair Tax.  Also attending will be representatives for CLAIM – Missouri's State Health Insurance Assistance Program who will address Medicare issues.  In addition, Missouri Rx representatives, who help seniors and persons with disabilities on fixed incomes save up to 50% on their prescription drugs, will be there and Missouri SMP representatives, who empower seniors to prevent healthcare fraud, will also be in attendance.  There will be a short presentation from Ameren UE as well.

If you have any Medicare issues you need help with… these representatives will be happy to meet with you individually after their presentation.

For questions on the content of this meeting you may contact my Capitol office at (573) 751-3572 or e-mail Chuck{dot}Gatschenberger{at}house{dot}mo{dot}gov

Hope to see you there!

St. Louis Community College Hosts RCGA's Missouri Legislative Breakfast in Jefferson City

On March 17th St. Louis Community Collegesponsored the fifth RCGA biweekly legislative breakfast in Jefferson City honoring members of the 2010 Missouri General Assembly.  The breakfast was hosted by Ann Brand, Director of Government Affairs for St. Louis Community College [at right with Rep. Gatschenberger & RCGA Public Policy Council Chairman John Sondag]. The breakfast attracted many legislators from across the state as well as several RCGA Public Policy Council members.

House Opposes Federal Government Takeover of Health Care

Constituents have been writing letters, calling and flowing through the halls of the Capitol to express their outrage with the proposed federal takeover of our health care system.  There have been rallies, town hall meetings and demonstrations to show the President and Congress just how serious our citizens are taking the federal health care bill.

Representative Tim Jones, sponsored House Joint Resolution 48, 50 and 57 to oppose government run healthcare.  I sponsored similar legislation… House Joint Resolution 74… which has been heard in committee.  I am looking forward to the debate on the floor.

Upon voter approval, this proposed constitutional amendment would allow individuals, employers and healthcare providers from opting out of participation in the health care legislation Congress may pass.

The legislation prevents individuals and employers from being fined or penalized, allowing them to pay directly for lawful health care services.  It also states that health care providers can accept payment for health care services from individuals or employers without being subject to these fines or penalties.

Finally, it states that the purchase or sale of health care insurance in private health care systems cannot be prohibited by any law or rule passed down from the federal government.

Representative Jones' resolutions act as a shield from the federal government mandates, protecting Missouri citizens.  It serves as an official message from the Missouri General Assembly, and if adopted by Congress, it has a chance of becoming an amendment to the United States Constitution.  An official change will depend on ratification by ¾'s of our nation's states.

Representative Gatschenberger and students at the Francis Howell Parents as Teachers - Annual Read-In
Francis Howell Early Childhood Family Education Center, 4810 Meadows Parkway, St. Charles, MO

House Passes Bill, Making Drug Testing Mandatory for Welfare Recipients

It is important that we help our state's most needy citizens.  Most of these citizens are responsible, hard-working members of society, just trying to keep their heads above water.  On the contrast, there are a small number of those who take advantage of the system.  I believe in order to receive assistance from the state you must test drug-free.

This session, the House voted to pass HB1377, which requires drug testing for those applying for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) as well as drug testing for those who are currently receiving TANF through the Department of Social Services.

Applicants and recipients who test positive for the use of an illegal substance will be referred to a treatment program for substance abuse.

If the individual completes the treatment program in a reasonable amount of time and tests negative for drug use, they can regain eligibility for welfare benefits.

However, if the individual fails to complete the program or after completing the program still continues to test positive in subsequent drug tests, the Department of Social Services can, after a departmental administrative hearing, declare the individual ineligible for TANF benefits for one year.

Many recipients have families and small children to care for, and a healthy home environment is vital for a meaningful childhood.  We hope that this bill will be signed in to law and inspire those who receive welfare and use drugs to end that abuse and turn their lives around.

House Members Outraged with Congress, Sending a Clear Message to Washington DC To the Federal Government: Balance the National Budget!

You are a hard-working Missouri taxpayer.  You have bills, expenses and every day items that run up costs.  You know what it means to sit down and balance your budget so you can keep your family on track. In state government, we do the same thing.  Every year, we go through the budget line by line and make the tough decisions necessary to balance our budget.  It's not easy, but it's the right thing to do.

Our federal government is a completely different story.  It's almost as if a balanced budget is a foreign concept to them.  This year, the national budget was out of balance by over 40%.

We are in the midst of what economists are calling "The Great Recession" and spending our way to prosperity isn't the answer – but wise fiscal planning and responsible use of your tax dollars is the answer.

The House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution 34 and 35 sponsored by our Budget Chairman, Allen Icet and Representative Chris Kelly, asking Congress to balance the national budget.

The HCR 34 & 35 comes as an official message from the Missouri General Assembly, and if adopted by Congress, it has a chance of becoming an amendment to the United States Constitution.  An official change will depend on ratification by ¾'s of our nation's states.

With a budget that is over 40% out of balance, and a recent vote to raise the debt ceiling by 1.9 trillion dollars, we need to bring our elected officials in Washington DC back to reality.

Congress needs to stop spending and start standing up for the future of America.  You, as constituents, can help.  If you agree with our resolution to require the national government to balance the budget, contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives and let them know you support us in this effort.


As always, please let me know your thoughts about these or other matters of concern by calling my office at: (573) 751-3572 or by emailing me at chuck{dot}gatschenberger{at}house{dot}mo{dot}gov


The Missouri Botanical Garden is among the top three botanical gardens in the world!

The first ironclad boat was built by James Buchanan Eads in the Port of St. Louis.  He also built the first bridge using steel truss construction – the 1874 Eads Bridge.

The first Kindergarten in the U.S. was founded in St. Louis by Susan Blow.

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