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19 April 2010

Nance: Career Ladder Restored, Prevent Bullying

Many of you have contacted my office regarding Career Ladder funding.  A controversial cut made by the Senate Appropriations Committee has been restored and Missouri teachers performing extra duties for extra pay will get their money. This program provides funding to approximately 19,000 teachers. Teachers who participate agree to do extra duties for additional money. The full Senate has reinstated the program, but only for one year.  SCS HB 2002, the budget bill that funds public education is one that I believe the state had a moral obligation to fund and ensure the teachers get paid. The teachers undertook to do work under the Career Ladder program before they ever knew that there would not be funding for that program.

We just passed a bill that makes cyber-bullying a crime HB 1543. In 2006 HCS HB 2008; 1218; 1062 was passed requiring school districts to have anti-bullying policies. District policy shall be founded on the assumption that all students need a safe learning environment. "Policies shall treat students equally and shall not contain specific lists of protected classes of students who are to receive special treatment. Policies may include age appropriate differences for schools based on the grade levels at the school. Each such policy shall contain a statement of the consequences of bullying." (Section 160.775) As you can see, everyone is to be treated equally under the law.

If you believe your child is being bullied, contact the school immediately.

I want everyone in the District to know I am available for any questions on any votes on bills or legislation being considered. If you have any concerns about any legislation, my number is 550-0101. If you have a bill number it would be helpful.


Grab a quick bite and learn how Citizens for Missouri's Children is working to support Missouri's children this 2010 legislative session. The event is Friday, April 23, 2010 at The Elms Hotel

For more information or to register, contact Julie Leicht at 314.878.5022 or jleicht{at}mokids{dot}org

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