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26 August 2011

Kelley: Four Bills Ahead In Special Session

Governor Nixon has issued a call for a Special Session to address certain specific issues which had great support from both the House and Senate Chambers during the Regular Session but on which the Chambers ultimately ran out of time in which to reach a compromised final position. The Governor issued the call on Monday, August 22nd. At this time, the anticipated schedule will bring some members back to the Capitol as early as Tuesday, September 6th with all members hereon September 9th.

We are aware of four (4) bills that will be filed during the Special Session pursuant to the Governor’s call. The first three are House Bills: 1) St. Louis City Police Department Local Control, 2) Election Law issues (to address the issues in the Election Law bill that the Governor vetoed), and 3) Tax Amnesty. The fourth bill will be the omnibus Tax Credit Reform/Economic Development/Job Creation bill that we understand will be filed in the Senate. On Tuesday, the three afore-mentioned House Bills will be filed and First Read. They will then be second read and referred to their respective committees for review. Additionally, it is anticipated that if/when these bills are voted out of their Committees, they will be immediately referred to the Rules Committee and the Rules Committee will take action on all three bills. I serve on Ways and Means so I will be on the committee hearing the Tax Amnesty legislation.

Perfection and Third Reading of the three afore-mentioned bills should take place by the end of the week.

After Week One of Special Session, we will be informed of the anticipated schedule for Week Two of Special Session, which will include Veto Session.

Until my next update, I am, and remain, in your service.


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