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16 September 2011

Korman: District Input Sought On Senate Bills

The General Assembly met on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 12 noon for Veto Session. The Governor vetoed twelve bills passed during the 2011 Session. The General Assembly took no action to override the vetoed bills, since the votes would have been down party lines and House Republicans would have been four votes short of accomplishing the override.

The 2011 Extraordinary (Special) Session continued this week in Jefferson City. Bills now in the Senate include: HB 1 that would allow the City of St. Louis to establish and maintain a municipal police force completely under the city's authority. The House passed HB 1 by a vote of 123-27; HB 2, that would change the laws regarding the collection of moneys owed to the state. The House passed HB 2 by a vote of 150-0; HB 3, that would change the laws regarding presidential elections. The House passed HB 3 by a vote of 147-2; HB 5, that would change the laws regarding the assessment of commercial real property destroyed by a natural disaster. The House passed HB 5 by a vote of 149-0; HB 6, that would appropriate money for the purpose of matching Federal Emergency Management Agency expenditures due to natural disasters in the state of Missouri in 2011 for the period ending June 30, 2012. The House passed HB 6 by a vote of 127-22; HB 7, that would establish the Joint Committee on Disaster Funding. The House passed HB 7 by a vote of 129-22.

The House will return to Session next week to work on SB 1, which would make changes to the “Amy Hestir Student Protection Act,” which was held up by the courts after having been signed into law earlier this year; SB 7, relating to science and innovation, with a contingent effective date; and SB8, this act modifies provisions of existing tax credit programs in a manner consistent with the recommendations of the Tax Credit Review Commission and establishes new tax incentive programs.

The Governor called us into session on some controversial legislation. I have been following the debate and I am not sure if we should send him what he wants but I am keeping an open mind. I’m interested in your thoughts; please email or call the office number below and tell us your answers to the following questions:
  1. Do you support Tax Credit Reform (SB8)?
  2. Do you support new Tax Credit Programs for Economic Development and job creation (SB 8)?
  3. Do you support Missouri Science and Technology businesses receiving government funds (MOSIRA) to help start technology businesses and research for job creation (SB 7)?
  4. Do you support public funding of Embryo Stem Cell Research and if not should we restrict funding in the budget or by law (SB 7)? ?
Please feel free to stop by or contact your 99th District office at:
201 W Capitol Ave, Office 114C
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Working for The People,
Bart Korman

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