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09 September 2011

Neth: House Measures Passed In Special Session, Memories of 9/11

We are officially in Special Session 2011- or as they call it officially, First Extraordinary Session. Not much extraordinary about it yet. The House had committee meetings on Thursday, of which I was a part of one of them as not all committees are meeting. We then had the House convene today and passed out of the House several bills that are now in the hands of the Senate. You can read a description of each below.

As to the biggest reason were called back into session, the hoped for economic development bill, it is stalled in the Senate at the moment. There seems to be no consensus on the bill and two of the main sticking points in my opinion are the so-called "Aerotropolis" package and the lack of adequate pro-life language in MOSIRA. As it is a Senate bill, we will wait to see if it gets done in that body and even comes to the House. I would consider its overall prospects dim at the moment which is disappointing because there are a lot of good things in the proposed package, such as MOSIRA and tax credit reform. Politically it is sticky because if I vote for a bill with Aerotropolis as it reads now, I am voting for something that I am not supportive of just to get some other good things. If I vote no, I am voting against things that could benefit my district and create business and jobs. I am sort of unsure of what to do at the moment and hope that time will flesh out clearer path for me.

We come back next week for sure due to the previously scheduled Veto Session- not a part of the Special Session. It is just one day, but we are waiting to see how many other days we may need to be in Jefferson City. I don't like not knowing my schedule, especially since I am missing several of my daughter's softball games and some general family events.

I'll try to keep you informed of the latest happenings over the next few weeks.


Memories of 9/11

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and the memories come flooding back for many of us. It is truly an event that changed our nation and set us on a course that has had drastic consequences in many aspects of our lives and how our nation functions.

The morning of 9/11 I was on the farm for a brief time in between jobs. I was loading one of our trucks with feed when my dad said a plane hit the World Trade Center. As most of us thought this was a random event and probably a small plane, not much was thought of it. However, as we listened further we found out it was a large plane. Then the second plane hit, confirming for all of us that this was not a random event. We kept on working, but kept an ear to a radio. As the morning wore on, more news kept coming and we wondered what was next. My daughter had just begun her Kindergarten year and my wife called and asked me if we should go get her. We decided against, but you started to wonder what more calamity could occur and how it would affect our family and others.

Then the most vivid part of the day for me occurred as I watched the skies on this beautiful September morning. The sky was bright blue with not a cloud in sight. Like normal, numerous contrails crisscrossed above which are very noticeable on such a day. Then the order was given by the President to ground all air traffic late in the morning. By early afternoon there was not a plane or contrail in sight and it stayed that way for several days. It was eerie to consider that for that period of time there was not a single commercial plane in the sky. It is a vision that I will always remember.

Legislation Passed out of the House

HB 6- This would allow the state to access the Rainy Day Fund to cover expenses incurred by the state relating to the recent natural disasters around the state.

HB 1- This would allow local control of the St. Louis Police Department as it now is under the control of a state appointed board.

HB 2- Tax Amnesty for some past due tax payers.

HB 3- Changes Missouri's Presidential Primary to March from the existing date in February.

HB 5- Reduces commercial property taxes on property damaged by natural disasters. This is specifically related to the Joplin tornado.

HB 7- Established a Joint Committee on Disaster Funding to oversee the expenditures of moneys for disaster recovery authorized by appropriations.

Upcoming Local Events

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Liberty Fall Festival September 23-25
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LHS Orchestra Pancake Breakfast and Basket Auction, Down Syndrome Walk, Trike-a-Thon, LNHS Charity Volleyball match, LNHS Orchestra 1st Gold and Bluegrass Festival
William Jewell College Homecoming October 7-9
Liberty Farmers Market Every Saturday through October

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