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10 November 2011

Neth: Reaction To Speaker's Announcement, Special Session

I was in Jefferson City for a majority caucus meeting in the last few days. We discussed the results of this recent election in terms of races that were won and lost. We also had an initial discussion on what our priorities will be in the upcoming session beginning in January.

However, the most insightful thing that happened was something that one of our members announced. Speaker of the House Steven Tilley, who had announced some time back that he was running for Lieutenant Governor in 2012, told us he would not be running for that seat and would be leaving politics after his term expires next year.

To say this was a shock was an understatement. Here is someone that has been a powerhouse in our state for many years now and was on the track to move up in politics. In addition, he has raised millions of dollars for his own campaign and others. However, life happened and he missed some of it. That is, after doing some soul searching and having some marital issues of late, he decided his family was more important and missing any other moments due to politics was not going to be acceptable. So he took a huge step in bowing out of a potentially big political future.

I applaud Steve for many reasons. Not only has he been a friend and great supporter, but I applaud him most for being humble and brave enough to make the right decision, which was not necessarily the easiest decision.

I have started to have some of the same issues as Steve, albeit on a much smaller scale, when it comes to balancing family and politics. I have remained of the thought, though, that I cannot be everything to everyone, be everyplace I should be, and that I will not do anything that would be detrimental to the long term health of my family and the people I care about.

So if you send me letter or give me a call and you don't hear from me too quickly, it's not that you or your issues are not important, it may just be that my family is more so at that period of time.


Veteran's Day

I want to salute all the veterans and thank them for all they have done for our country. There are numerous events going on around the area, including one in Liberty at Liberty North High School where there will be a special flag raising ceremony at 8:00 AM. Make sure to thank a veteran today.

Mark Your Calendar Town Hall Meeting

Monday, December 5th, 7:00-8:30 PM
Liberty Community Center

Come and get information on the upcoming session as well as give feedback to take to Jefferson City.

Special Session 2011

I am sure you have heard many things about the Special Session that concluded recently. Many are saying that nothing substantial happened in regards to job creation, which supposedly was its intent. Personally I think that is debatable depending on your point of view. We did get MOSIRA passed [SB7], which is a big thing for the Liberty and KC area, albeit with poison pill from the Senate (which we hope to get thrown out in court). Other than that nothing did get done. But if we had I question whether it would have been all for the best.

If we had passed the initial bill [SB8], it would have started many new incentive and tax credit programs, which many feel are too much of a giveaway. It would have potentially ended many other tax credit programs that some feel are very worthwhile. So depending on one's point of view might determine whether the session was ultimately successful or not.

Overall, I don't think it was time well spent as my weeks were very uncertain to the days I would need to be in Jeff and to plan for family and work things was very hard. In addition, I had a bad feeling from the beginning on it and my intuition played well as once again the Senate was unable to bring much of anything to an up or down vote.

I am sure we will address a few of the items in the upcoming session so all is not dead.

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