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16 January 2012

Holsman: Apppointment To House Rules Committee, Tours of Kansas City Star and Milbank Manufacturing

The 2012 legislative session is officially underway. It's good to be back in the capitol working for Missouri citizens.

This session I will be dividing my time between leading on the issues of Renewable Energy and Urban Agriculture, as well as, learning the ropes as a new member of the Rules committee.

Today we pause to celebrate the achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. It's hard to imagine and easy to forget the courage it took for Dr. King to protest in peace when violence appeared to be expedient. For love to be victorious it needed a superior spokesperson and for his efforts we commemorate the preacher with a dream. The entire world is a better place when peace becomes a precedent.

It is my honor to serve you in our state capitol. Thank you for reading.


Welcome our Legislative Intern Christopher Vick

Our new legislative intern Christopher Vick, is a junior English major at Truman State University. Chris originally from Southaven, Mississippi has come to Jefferson City to learn the inner workings of state politics.

Vick is one of 20 full time Truman State interns at the capitol this session, selected to participate under the Missouri Government Internship program, supervised by political science professor Candy Young.

He will be working closely with legislative assistant Dan Bryar and is looking forward to assisting the constituents of the 45th district.

Opening Day of the Legislative Session

The 96th Missouri General Assembly convened for its second regular session on January 4th, 2012. House Speaker Steven Tilley kicked off the session with a speech promoting cooperation between not only the Democrats and Republicans, but also the House and Senate. Tilley then addressed the key issues this year's legislation will face, which includes education, job creation, and balancing the state budget.

Speaker Tilley's vision is elaborated in his "Blueprint for Missouri" plan, which would monitor the state's future revenue spending, as well as reform laws governing student transfers, give tuition tax credits to students in unaccredited districts, and expand charter schools.

House Minority Leader Mike Talboy agreed on Tilley's list of important issues facing the legislative body, though differed on the approaches to solving our state's difficulties.

During the Democratic caucus press conference, Talboy proposed the ideas to raise state revenue, instead of relying soley on cuts to needed social services and education.

Talboy offered examples to raise state revenue, such as increasing the cigarette tax, and taxing goods sold over the internet.

In the area of job development, Talboy stated "we need to make sure that, again, in our haste to become more business friendly, we do not become anti-worker." This is the balance that needs to be struck in order to ensure that Missouri protects its most valuable asset, its citizens, while at the same time competing for jobs in the global marketplace.

Welcome Newly Elected Representatives

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Missouri House of Representatives.

Representative Tracy McCreery (Independent, St. Louis) is taking over for now St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman in the 83rd district, Representative Brandon Ellington (Democrat, Kansas City) was elected to the 41st district to replace now Senator 'Kiki' Curls, Representative Judy Morgan (Democrat, Kansas City) takes over the 39th district for now Kansas City Prosecutor Jean-Peters Baker, and Chrissy Sommer (Republican, St. Charles), enters the statehouse in the 15th district replacing St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith.

Congratulations to Representatives McCreery, Ellington, Morgan, and Sommer and best of luck to you in representative your constituents in Jefferson City.

Representative Holsman Appointed to the House of Representatives Rules Committee

The 2012 legislation session has brought changes to the legislative committee assignments to House members. Representative Holsman, who serves as Chairman of the Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture as well as the Chairman for the Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy, was recently appointed by Minority Leader Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City) to the House Rules committee. The Rules Committee is charged with reviewing all bills which are passed out of their committee of origin, and assigning the time of debate to each bill before its can be taken up on the House floor for debate.

"Being placed on the House Rules Committee is a tremendous honor and speaks to the level of trust that I have developed with fellow members to thoroughly and objectively work on legislation. I appreciate the opportunity extended by Democratic Minority Leader Mike Talboy." commented Rep. Holsman.

Holsman also serves on the Joint Committee on Education, Utilities and the Interim Committee on Disaster Recovery.

Holsman Attends 2nd Fridays with Councilmen Sharp and Taylor

Representative Jason Holsman attended the 2nd Fridays meeting with Councilmen Sharp and Taylor on Friday January 13th. The meeting was also attended by Grandview Mayor Steve Dennis, and Senior Advisor for State and Federal Government Affairs to Mayor Sly James Sammy Panettiere. The main topic of discussion at the meeting was legislative priorities for Kansas City in the newly minted 2012 legislative session.

2nd Fridays is a bi-monthly meeting hosted by Councilmen John Sharp and Scott Taylor at the Trailside Center located at 9901 Holmes Road, in Kansas City, Mo.

Missouri American Water to Deliver Presentation to the Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy

Chairman Holsman wasted no time calling the inaugural meeting of the 2012 legislative session for the Special Standing Committee on Renewable Energy for a presentation to be delivered by Missouri American Water.

American Water delivers utility services to approximately 15 million people in more than 30 states in the U.S., as well to some parts of Canada. Learn more about Missouri American Water at:

Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture to Host 5th Informational Hearing on January 24th in Jefferson City

At left: Members of the Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture touring the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

The fifth informational hearing hosted by the Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture will take place on January 24th in the State Capitol building in Jefferson City.

The scope of this hearing has been expanded to include experts in this emerging industry from across the country. The committee will hear presentations from: Sweet Water Organics Co-Founder Jim Godsil, Sweet Water Foundation Executive Director Emmanuel Pratt, Columbia University Professor and author of "The Vertical Farm: Feeding Ourselves and the World in the 21st Century" Dr. Dickson Despommier, AquaRanch Founder Myles Harston, as well as a presentation from St. Charles based corporation Novus International.

"The Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture, alongside the Advisory Sub-Committee and statewide activists in the industry have worked throughout the summer and winter months to develop a wealth of knowledge on this subject. What we have found is extremely promising. This movement has the power to mitigate urban blight, repurpose abandoned buildings, bring fresh nutritious foods into food deserts, and most importantly infuse good jobs that cannot be out-sourced into a recovering economy," said Representative Holsman who serves as Committee Chairman.
What:Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture, Fifth Informational Hearing
When:Tuesday January 24th
Where:State Capitol Building
201 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
House Hearing Room 7
The content discussed in this meeting, as well as the previous four meetings will form the foundation to a report along with legislative recommendations to be delivered to the Governor, President Pro Tem of the Senate, and Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives before the year's end.

Kansas City Star Tour

Representative Gail McCann-Beatty (D-Kansas City) joined Representative Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City) on a tour of the Kansas City Star printing presses.

The tour was a part of an ongoing effort of House members to meet with and learn from the Kansas City business community. If you would like to organize a visit to your facility with Rep. Holsman or any member of the Kansas City Caucus please contact Dan Bryar.

Milbank Manufacturing Tour

Milbank Manufacturing welcomed a visit from Rep. Jason Holsman to their North Kansas City plant location. Milbank builds utility electrical boxes and a host of alternative energy devices.

The visit consisted of a facilities tour and a sit down meeting with CEO Lavon Winkler to discuss Renewable Energy legislation in the General Assembly as well as potential ballot initiatives for the 2012 general election.

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