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31 March 2010

Holsman's Survey Results & Town Hall Reminder

Hello friends!

I wanted to remind everyone about my town hall meeting on Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 PM at Center Middle School (326 East 103rd Street). Guests will include Representative Jason Kander, Mr. Patrick Lynn, Dr. Robert Bartman, Dr. Ralph Teran, and Dr. Marjorie Williams. Discussion topics will include education, issues impacting senior citizens, and Missouri's budget. Everyone is invited to attend.

Earlier this year, our office conducted a random suvery of voters of the 45th District.  We had a tremendous response!  Out of 1,550 surveys sent, here are the results:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Representative Holsman is doing?
Approve - 66.4%
Disapprove - 8.7%
No Opinion - 24.8%

What should Missouri do regarding implementation of a statewide smoking ban?
Implement a statewide ban that prohibits smoking in all public places including restaurants or stand-alone bars - 48.6%
Adopt a statewide ban with exemptions for certain businesses such as stand-alone bars - 14.7%
Take no action and allow businesses To set their own smoking policies - 35.4%
No Opinion - 1.3%

Should Missouri allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes?
Yes - 56.6%
No - 35.0%
No Opinion - 8.4%

Should Missouri reduce the penalties for marijuana possession?
Yes - 49.3%
No - 43.5%
No Opinion - 7.2%

Do you support government sponsored health insurance?
Yes - 47.5%
No - 48.1%
No Opinion - 4.4%

Would you support government sponsored health care for children?
Yes - 61.3%
No - 34.1%
No Opinion - 4.7%

Should the "Fair Tax" system replace the current tax system?
Yes - 32.9%
No - 58.1%
No Opinion - 9.0%

Would you support making public funds available to match campaign donations received by candidates for state elected office, if those candidates were subject to strict campaign fundraising limits and were unable to accept money from special interest groups, lobbyists, and PACs (political action committees)?
Yes - 53.6%
No - 40.1%
No Opinion - 6.3%

How should teacher pay be determined?
Merit-based system - 48.3%
Step-based system - 11.7%
Regardless of the method, teacher Pay should be increased - 34.4%
Teacher pay should not be increased - 1.6%
No Opinion - 4.1%

Should the state construct truck-only lanes on I-70?
Yes - 44.7%
No - 21.3%
Only if possible without a tax increase - 30.6%
No Opinion - 3.4%

Should Missouri invest additional dollars to study building hydroelectric plants along Missouri rivers even if it may require a tax increase to do so?
Yes - 43.6$
No - 48.9%
No Opinion - 7.5%

Would you be willing to pay a surcharge on your electric bill in order to fund research at the Center for Sustainable Energy at Mizzou for clean, renewable, and sustainable energy technologies?
Yes - 37.1%
No - 55.7%
No Opinion - 7.2%

Should Missouri do away with term limits for legislators?
Yes - 23.7%
No - 71.2%
No Opinion - 5.1%

Should Missouri amend term limits so that legislators can serve up to twelve years (instead of eight) in either the House or the Senate but no more than sixteen total years can be served?
Yes - 30.7%
No - 60.4%
No Opinion - 8.9%

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