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01 April 2010

Nance: Bills Third Read and Passed, Visitors to the Capitol

“You cannot establish security on borrowed money.” –Rev. William J. H. Boetcker

The House has third read and passed the following bills:
  • HB 2198, which would change the laws regarding the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act.
  • HJR 87, which proposes a constitutional amendment prohibiting appropriations in any fiscal year from exceeding certain limits.
  • HB 1692, 1209, 1405, 1499, 1535 & 1811, which would change the laws regarding courts and judges, adoptions, reports of child abuse and neglect, child support, and judicial proceedings.
  • HB 1842, which specifies that the fractional requirement for passage of a tax measure must be deemed satisfied only if the popular vote percentage is equal or greater than a four decimal percentage equivalent of the fraction.
  • HB 1446, which would change the laws regarding financial transactions.
  • HB 1207, which would classify certain sawmills and planning mills as agricultural and horticultural property instead of commercial property for property taxation purposes
Our Committee on Healthcare Transformation passed a bill [HB1495] that affects some co-payments and requires all insurance companies to use a standard form that is interchangeable for all.

Agriculture policy is working on an omnibus bill and that would increase pesticide registration fees to corporate pesticide producers and funds would go to the Agriculture Protection Fund.

HB 2297 authorized the establishment of the Kansas City Zoological District which may be composed of the counties of Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte at the option of the voters of each county. Each member county may impose, upon voter approval, a sales tax of up to one-quarter of 1% for the financial support of zoological activities within the district.

To date, the House has filed 1,233 bills and 84 have been perfected. In comparison, the Senate has filed 527 bills and 69 have been perfected.

A consent bill [HB2219] honoring “Buck O’Neil Day” on November 13, 2010 was also passed.

Major League Baseball opening day is Sunday April 4. Jack Buck, former announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals, joined the Hall of Famous Missourians in April 2006.


J.D. Edwards from Excelsior Springs was at the Capitol on Tuesday. Lawson residents Ed and Thelma Duncan came by on Wednesday to share their concern on House Bills affecting teacher retirement.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter.

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