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19 August 2011

Allen: Freshman Work Groups, Auditor's Letter on Governor's Withholdings,

The summer has flown by and we are coming upon our Constitutionally bound Veto Session, on September 15 and a likely Special Session adjacent to Veto Session.

I am happy to report we have had four 2-day "work groups" so far, averaging 20-25 of our new caucus freshmen. We have brought in various Department directors, deputies and others who have been around the Capitol and MO government for many years. The point is to gain the "institutional knowledge" which our current term-limits makes more challenging.

The Interim Budget Committee on Transparency will convene next week. We will start with the Governor's Budget Director, Linda Luebring. I believe we will be discussing the Governor's withholds and promises he has made for disaster expenditures around the state.

It has been reported that Governor Nixon has made many commitments of state funds in Joplin and I recognize the need to help Joplin and other communities who have suffered recent disasters. However, Nixon apparently has spoken and promised without having transparent and accountable data to present to the legislature as was apparent this past week when Director Luebring spoke to a Senate committee. Instead it would appear that, up to this point, there has been an end-run around the legislature.

As I have stated often, I believe that in order for our State to function most effectively and efficiently, we MUST have transparency and accountability. It should NEVER have to be questioned that we meet legal and Constitutional standards.

A letter has been sent to Governor Nixon from our State Auditor, Tom Schweich, citing statutes and Constitutional provisions which relate to withholds and redirecting appropriated budgetary funds. The complete letter is attached in a PDF file.

I am well aware of the many needs from the devastation from the Joplin tornado and flooded areas where water is still standing in rural areas of the state. I think it is also important that people recognize the $170 million of Governor withholds have taken appropriated funding away from programs such as community colleges, children's services, courts and judges, University of Missouri, senior health programs, and others without legislative approval or oversight.

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