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23 November 2011

Berry: Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again when we enjoy quality time with our families; eat a little more than we should; and express our thanks for all the wonderful things we have been given. It’s easy to overlook that last part as we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Even someone with a mountain of patience can get a little stressed when preparing an enormous Thanksgiving feast or trying to budget for that year’s Christmas shopping. However, even when things get hectic and stressful, it’s important to remember we are truly blessed to live in this great state and great nation where we have an abundance of blessings.

With my work in the Missouri House, I find myself in the same boat quite often. I spend so much time worrying about taking care of this issue or that issue that I occasionally lose sight of the big picture. But even though there’s always more to do, sometimes you need to take a break from worrying about the future to spend a few moments appreciating what you already have. While things are never perfect, we are truly fortunate to live in a land of opportunity that has given us the chance to have lives for which we should truly be thankful.

Just like all of you, I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. Without them I would not be able to make it through the tough times nor would the good times be nearly as enjoyable. I’m also extremely thankful for all of the wonderful, hardworking Missourians who call our area home. In this high-tech age of computers and instant messaging, we continue to have a strong sense of community where people come first and where we know and trust one another. I am truly honored to be able to represent an area filled with industrious and compassionate people who realize the importance of working together and who sincerely care about their neighbors.

As a legislator, I am thankful to serve in a state where we continue to stand strong in the face of a national economic crisis. I know many Missouri families have had to tighten their belts, and our state has had to do the same. However, while many other states have faced almost unsolvable budget shortfalls, we have managed to find ways to balance our budget even in the face of a dire economic situation. For that I am extremely thankful and even more thankful we were able to accomplish this feat without imposing a single tax increase on the people of this state.

As we head into a new legislative session, I am thankful I will be joined by 162 other members who are committed to making this state a better place to live. While we won’t always agree, you can be sure we won’t give up until we’ve found a solution to the problems our state faces. I’m also thankful to have the support of all of you who voted me into office. I think about you every time I cast a vote or discuss an issue that relates to our area. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me. This is truly an honor and words cannot adequately express how thankful I am to have the opportunity to help our district through the legislative process.

So this year, I ask all of you to take some extra time to think about all of the things for which you are thankful. Take a few moments between helpings of turkey, put your worries aside, and just focus on the people and the things in your life you are truly blessed to have. We all have so much to be thankful for and life becomes so much more enjoyable when you take a few moments to appreciate those things. Thank you again and please have a safe and happy holiday season.

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