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07 December 2011

Allen: Redistricting A Low Blow, Plain & Simple

As many of you may have already seen in the media, the Appellate Apportionment Commission released the new House and Senate district maps. The 92nd District has been erased. My residence has now been carved into the Northeast corner of the 100th House District. The rest of the 92nd now lies mostly in the new 89th and 99th districts. About 300 of my current constituents are in the 100th district. This is a low blow, plain and simple.

Nonetheless, I am still your state representative until January 2013 and I will continue to serve the District to my fullest capacity. Remember that my office door is always open and you can always give my office a call to voice your concerns or if
you need help facilitating state business. My Legislator Assistant, Matt Schumann, can always be reached at the office during business hours.

Although I look forward to continuing my service to our state and meeting the
people in my new district, I will miss the 92nd and the friends I have in it. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you.

For those who would like to view the new map, click on the below link to see the
interactive map:

We reconvene the final session of the 96th General Assembly on January 4, 2012. God Bless and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a Happy New Year!

Meetings with our Local Senators

Over the past two weeks I have met with Senators Jane Cunningham and Eric Schmitt who each serve a portion of the 92nd District. More dialogue and cooperation must occur between the House and Senate so that our State government can function more effectively. We discussed upcoming issues and legislation of mutual interest, including my Cyber-Bullying bill which will be filed December 1. These meetings were very productive. Senators Cunningham and Schmitt are not the obstructionists we often read about in the newspapers and I am proud to have them as colleagues within the 92nd District.

Representatives Andrew Koenig and Sue Allen Seek Reelection to the Missouri House

Manchester, MO - Today Representatives Andrew Koenig and Sue Allen announced their intention to seek reelection. Representatives Koenig and Allen have been drawn into the newly created 100th district under the new district map issued by the Appellate Apportionment Commission. However, Andrew Koenig has chosen to run for reelection in the newly drawn 99th district and Sue Allen will run for re-election in the new 100th district.

"I am running for re-election to a third term to continue fighting for limited and constitutional government. I have a solid record for fighting to lower taxes and protecting life from beginning at conception to natural death. I look forward to fight for my neighbors in the newly drawn 99th district,” said Andrew Koenig. “I look forward to continuing to serve with Sue and helping on her reelection campaign.”

“It is an honor to serve the people of St. Louis County. I am seeking reelection to continue my efforts for greater accountability and budgetary oversight in government. During the current period of extreme fiscal pressures on the state budget, the need to assure that taxpayer’s money is being used effectively could not be greater. I look forward to continuing serve the people of my district.” said Sue Allen. “Andrew is one of the hardest working members I know and I fully support him in his reelection efforts.”

Both Andrew Koenig and Sue Allen will continue to represent their current districts through the end of 2012.

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