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27 December 2011

Holsman: Perspective From The 45th Soon To Be 37th

Another year has come and gone. As 2011 gives way to 2012 our society continues to evolve. From the way we communicate to our ability to move effortlessly around the globe, the power of information grows.

The year of 2011 will be marked by the Arab Spring, Occupy Protesters and the end of the Iraq war.

Change is inevitable. Convenience is the mother of new beginnings (Red Box, Skype, Navigation) and the death of old friends (Blockbuster, Land-line phones, Road Maps).

I heard someone say the other day, our kids greatest struggle will be finding an original email address that has yet to be claimed. Let's hope that's true and the rest is smooth sailing.

I'm hosting a Holiday reception tonight at Blue Hills County Club and hope a few of you can make it. Please see the invitation article for details.

Have a great beginning to 2012! It is my honor to serve you in our state capitol. Thank you for reading.


"Newsmakers" Time Warner Production

Representative Holsman recently appeared on location at Union Station for a segment of 'Newsmakers', a production by 'Time Warner', highlighting the work of Kansas City community leaders.

In the episode Holsman discussed his recent trip to Romania and Croatia led by the "American Council of Young Political Leaders."

This was Representative Holsman's fifth appearence on the local news broadcast.

American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL)

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) is a Washington DC based international non-governmental organization education orgaization that partners with the United States State department.

ACYPL recruits young political leaders to participate in political exchange trips with aims to educate the selected participants about national and local governance and politics in other countries as well as explore the global issues affecting US-bilateral relations. Participants on exchange trips examine governance, politics, policymaking, international affairs, and culture. Through interactions with international government officials, business and community leaders, advocacy experts, scholars, and diplomats, the young leaders will gain a better understanding of international affairs as well as enhance leadership and public diplomacy skills.

Each ACYPL exchange provides a unique opportunity for politically diverse individuals to explore common concerns and points of difference.

Since its founding in 1966, the American Council of Young Political Leaders has designed, organized and managed unique international exchange activities for young (age 25-40) political and policy leaders worldwide who are selected based on their current political leadership roles and potential for future achievement.

ACYPL programs are designed to promote mutual understanding, respect, and friendship and to cultivate long-lasting relationships among next generation leaders. Each year, with support from the US State Department and a wide range of corporate, labor, foundation and individual partners, conduct exchanges with 25-30 countries around the world.

ACYPL has a network of over 7,500 alumni in 100 countries, many whom have risen to positions of national and international prominence, including over 40 current members of the US Congress, 6 current US governors and ambassadors, and cabinet ministers and parliamentarians around the globe.

For more information on ACYPL follow this link.

Missouri Biotechnology Association

Missouri Biotechnology Association is focused on maintaining the growth of the biotechnology industry generated by the research and development communities of Missouri. While the state of Missouri has made great strides in keeping local talent, Missourians have not done enough to attract both national and international interests to be included in our burgeoning biotechnology community. Thus, the members of MOBIO firmly believe that it is up to Missourians to grow our biotechnology industry through research, scholastics, new laws and government.

As part of the mission the Missouri Biotechnology Association recruits local leaders in the public sector to tour areas of relevant expansion in the biotechnology industry. Missouri state lawmakers were invited to participate in a tour of Missouri specific aspects of this industry in mid-July. The tour encompassed stops in Kansas City, St. Joesph, Warrensburg, Columbia, St. Louis and concluded with a visit to Toronto Canada.

Stops along the Missouri biotechnology tour included: Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator, the Biotechnology Mobile Laboratory, the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, the University of Central Missouri, the University of Missouri - Columbia, the Missouri Orthopedic Institute, the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center, Monsanto, Pfizer, Gallus BioPharmaceuticals, the Washington University School of Engineering, and Danforth Plant Science Center.

Legislation was passed in the past special session that will help drive this industry in the state of Missouri, spurring economic growth and prospertiy for our communities. Senate bill 7, the Missouri Science and Innovation Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA) was signed into public law by Governor Jay Nixon on November 9th. MOSIRA creates a funding source that will spark growth in the kind of research and technology enterprises endorsed by the Missouri Biotechnology Association.

Specifically, MOSIRA will capture a percentage of growth in state revenue, with fiscal year 2010 as a base, from a designated groups of Missouri science and innovation companies. The Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC) will administer MOSIRA funds, through offering low interest loans in order to nurture start-ups, create jobs, and bring science and technology companies to the state.

For more information on the Missouri Biotechnology Association follow this link.

National Caucus of Environmental Legislators Conference in New Orleans

The conference focused on a host of environmental issues ranging from Hypoxia in the delta to Army Corp of Engineering plans for flood plains along the Missouri River.

Holsman, who serves on the Interim Committee for Disaster Recovery, had the opportunity to learn about New Orleans response to Hurricane Katrina and how it could have been more successful.

The group of environmental legislators also took in presentations regarding the fallout from the BP oil spill, and what can be done about phosphorus run-off from farming operations into our rivers.

Executive Director Adam Schafer, who has guided NCEL for the past decade is leaving for a position in his home state of Montana. JR Tolbert will take over as ED effective immediately.

For more information on NCEL find their website here.

Urban Agriculture Final 2011 Hearing: St. Louis Review

The Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture held its fourth informational committee hearing at the Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School Auditorium.

Maplewood-Richmond Heights is a leader in the state for getting local foods into the school cafeteria. Through a federal grant made possible by Congressman Carnaharn and a partnership with Saint Louis University, MRH is able to transport food from local farms to Saint Louis University where it is processed in their certified kitchen and brought right into the school. healthy food initiative here.

Committee members met prior to the hearing to tour a community farm in Kinloch, featured by CNN in a photograph documentary. The community farm is situated on land that is owned by Lambert airport, but through a verbal contract has agreed not to develop the land. The farmers work the gound and grow a variety of crops, sharing their harvests and donating much of it to their neighbors. Here is CNN's article.

Feast magazine covered the hearing in St. Louis. Their story can be found here.

Truman Renewable Energy Summit Review

Representative Zach Wyatt (R-Green Castle) in conjunction with Truman State University hosted a renewable energy summit on Truman's campus in Kirksville, MO. Representaitve Wyatt serves with Holsman on the Joint Committee on Urban Agriculture as well as the Committee on Renewable Energy.

The morning session of the summit was geared toward the legislative agenda and how to move forward with renewable energy in Missouri. Opening remarks were delivered by former Missouri Lieutenant Governor Joe Maxwell. A legislative panel that included Representative T.J. Berry (R-Clay County) and Representative Holsman anchored the morning discussions.

The afternoon session included information tables provided by representatives from a variety of energy companies, including information on the Truman Sustainability committee.

Romania and Croatia Photo Album

To recount the travels over the two weeks would require me to write a small novel and since a picture says a thousand words... click on the photo below to view the political, economic and cultural immersion of Central Europe courteous of ACYPL.

Romania - 2011

Croatia 2011 - Part I

Croatia 2011 - Part II

France 2011

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