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08 January 2012

Davis: No Government Better Than Bad Government

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” ―Dr. Seuss

As we begin a new legislative session, I want to thank you all for your support through my first year in the Missouri House of Representatives. I believe last year was a fairly successful year. I firmly hold true to my belief that:


We saw some good things happen and saw some bad things stopped. Even though not all our positive legislation made it to the governor’s desk, those that did will make a positive impact on our state.

A look at the new year:

With the Missouri unemployment rate hovering around 9%, the House will debate how we can create the right climate for job creation in our State and what tools employers need to retain workers and add new employees to their payrolls. We will discuss Workers Compensation Reform (Co-employee liability, Occupational Disease, Second Injury Fund Reform), Prevailing Wage Reform, the Missouri Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Network, and a tort reform measures that will include Employment Discrimination Law Reform, Loser Pays proposals, and Joint and Several Liability Reform.

To maintain Missouri’s AAA bond rating (one of only 7 states) and to protect Missouri Taxpayers, we will focus on advancing the Taxpayer Protection Act and will once again adhere to our “No New Taxes” pledge together with a Balanced Budget as well as requiring County Debt Disclosure. Criminal Justice Reform (which can dramatically reduce excessive economic drags on the State Budget) will also be on our docket and will consist of recommendations from working groups and interim committees.

With attention being drawn to the now unaccredited Kansas City School District (joining the decades long unaccredited City of St. Louis School District), there will be free market legislation advanced regarding tuition tax credits in unaccredited districts and expanding charter schools. Other topics regarding improving Missouri’s public schools, which are funded by your tax dollars and should be accountable to every taxpayer in the State, will include the Turner Fix, the Teacher Quality Act and a Foundation Formula Fix. My goal is to make control of school districts as local as possible and the only way to accomplish that is to truly give parents and the local school districts the power and choice to control the tax dollars that fund the education of their children in Missouri’s public schools.

Last but not least, value based issues will also come to the fore. These include Veterans Home Funding, Pharmacist & Health Care Provider Conscience Bills, Mandatory Reporter reform, Expanded College Savings plans and Voter Photo ID-enabling legislation.

With the new district lines drawn, it is unfortunate that I will lose some areas that I have been proud to server and picked up some areas that I will be honored to server next year. The new district number will be 162. I lost Duquesne, Carterville (north of 71), Webb City north of Broadway St., everything south of 7th street in Joplin. I did pick up Briarbrook south of Center Creek in Carl Junction, Everything north of 7th street in Joplin and most of the area west of Schifferdecker all the way to the state line and south to Newton County. For a full map, visit ..

Click on the agree button, select the HOUSE APPORTIONMENT PLAN and then zoom in on the Joplin area. This will give you a street level view of the new district.

We will be honoring KZRG Radio and Zimmer Radio Group this Wednesday at the capitol for their wonderful service to our community after the May 22nd tornado. We will be reading the resolution Bill White and I will be presenting to them at 10 AM on the House Floor. Thank you to Josh Marsh and Chad Elliott as well as the entire Zimmer Radio Group for your wonderful dedication and service to our community.

I am excited about the new year and hope each one of you will come to the capitol this year and let me show you around.

Thank you for allowing me to server as your representative in Jefferson City.

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