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13 January 2012

Dugger: Two Pro-Agriculture Measures Proposed

In America, every day is a new beginning; every sunset is merely the latest milestone on a voyage that never ends. For this is the land that has never become, but is always in the act of becoming.- Ronald Reagan

The first full week of the second regular session of the 96th General Assembly is now recent history. Already, several important pieces of legislation have been filed and begun their journey through the legislative process: from a taxpayer protection act that would limit the size and scope of government; to a bill that would require counties and schools to submit information regarding their debts and holdings to the Office of Administration. It will not take long for lively debate to fill the halls of the Capitol as we work to make Missouri a better place to live and work.

As session quickly gains steam, I wanted to take the time to highlight a couple of bills that I feel are important for the district. Representative Tom Loehner will be filing a bill that protects Missouri’s farmers and thus provides stability to the agricultural industry of Missouri. This is especially important, since farming and its many byproducts are the driving force of Missouri’s economy. Loehner’s legislation, which I have co-sponsored, will secure the right of Missouri famers to raise livestock in a humane manner without the state imposing undue economic burdens on the livestock owners.

Another key piece of legislation was filed by Representative Casey Guernsey. Guernsey’s resolution, which I co-signed, states the House of Representatives’ opposition to the excessive land values assigned by the State Tax Commission to agricultural and horticultural land in Missouri for the years 2012-2013. In these economic hard times, we must ensure that all forms of industry from small businesses to the family farmer are given a fighting chance.

Even though session is a little more than a week old, much has already been done. However, much work still remains. I look forward to being your voice in the numerous discussions that are yet to be had in Jefferson City.

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