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02 February 2012

Ridgeway: Homegrown Energy

Unlike Washington, DC and our President, Missouri has wholeheartedly embraced plans for an oil pipeline going through our state. Enbridge Inc. has unveiled a plan to install an underground pipeline along a 600 mile route from Flanagan, Illinois to Cushing, Oklahoma. The pipeline would go through eleven counties in Missouri. It would follow the path of an existing pipeline, so approval may be more easily obtained.

After President Obama rejected Keystone XL Pipeline which would have greatly reduced our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and created thousands of good paying jobs, this latest development with Enbridge is welcome news. Any time we can use North American oil and provide jobs, we need to support such projects with everything we have at our disposal. I cannot comprehend why President Obama saw fit to singlehandedly send that energy supply and benefits to China.

If Enbridge moves forward with the pipeline and gains the approval needed, it is expected to take about a year to complete with oil to begin flowing sometime in 2014.

This is a viable plan to bring energy supply to us at a reasonable cost. Let’s face it – when energy costs go up due to bad government policy, it’s nothing more than a back door tax increase. Our energy companies need the ability to access new energy sources and build new plants. Our businesses and families need consistent and reliable energy at reasonable cost. None of this can happen if Missouri and the U.S. continue to turn down construction of new energy supplies. That’s why I’m pleased to see the progress made toward the Enbridge pipeline.

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