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02 February 2012

Rupp: Protecting the Values of the Constitution

One of the duties I have in serving the state of Missouri is to protect and uphold our state and federal Constitution, as well as to defend our liberties. Last week, I offered Senate Concurrent Resolution 18 in the Missouri Senate, which would repeal Missouri’s 1983 call for a constitutional convention. Many states have already repealed their calls for constitutional conventions, and Missouri should implement the same policies.

Since the 1983 call for a constitutional convention, the will of the people has changed. Missourians don’t want to see our nation’s Constitution potentially redrafted, and many citizens and state officials agree that such a convention could dramatically change our Constitution, thus altering the face of our nation.

Without a doubt, a constitutional convention would be the riskiest way to amend and address articles in the Constitution — there are no set rules on how to select an agenda, meaning any of our liberties could be up for grabs and altered, even if the call for a constitutional convention was called only to address a specific issue. Drastic revisions to the Constitution could create chaos and confusion, resulting in years of legal pandemonium, and we could see our rights, which we hold so dear, stripped from us by an unelected group pushing radical agendas.

Some groups may argue that a constitutional convention could be called only to discuss one particular issue. However, even former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Warren E. Burger, stated that “a convention, notwithstanding whatever limitation might be placed on it by the call for a convention, may propose sweeping constitutional changes or, by virtue of the authority of a constitutional convention, redraft the Constitution of the United States, creating an imminent peril to the well established rights of citizens and to the duties of various levels of government.”

We must also remember that our Founding Fathers once met to amend the existing Articles of Confederation — ultimately, a whole new Constitution was written, thus we need to be careful in choosing our actions that will direct our nation into the future.

The bottom line — my resolution would protect and honor the U.S. Constitution, ensuring the foundation and principles of our great nation are upheld. Together, we can take necessary steps to preserve the beauty of living as an American citizen. Thank you and God Bless.

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