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06 October 2011

Nance: A Tale Of Two Tax Credits

Most of you have heard about Mamtech Manufacturing that was building a plant in Moberly. They were to receive $18 million in tax credits for creating 600 jobs and would produce an artificial sweetener at the plant. The city of Moberly issued $39 million in industrial bonds and may be responsible for paying it back unless someone steps forward to take over the project.

Any kind of due diligence would have discovered the company made false claims. The state is fortunate that we only allow tax credits when the project is finished and employees are hired, but Moberly is on the hook.

Good News

The good news is that the economic bill we passed last year for manufacturers ( Ford is one) has paid dividends. Ford will bring the “Transit” line from Europe and assemble it in Claycomo. According to the bill, Ford must invest $400 million and retain the current workers. Ford announced that they will invest $1.1 billion and create 1600 new jobs along with the present 3800.

At least six Ford properties will be closed in other states. GM looks to be hiring 400 new employees in the St. Louis area through the same program.

It does sound simple, but the UAW members must approve all the details. Their agreement would guarantee jobs for another generation.

In the District

Stet School Board member and staff traveled with Aaron Baker and myself to Walton Kansas on September 26th to visit a Charter School with agriculture-technology focus. The Stet Board’s center of attention is what is best for their students.

On September 30th, the “House of Hope” ( Lexington )sponsored a Golf Tournament in Richmond. An excellent turnout of 20 teams played the Golf Course.

The Clay County Economic Development handed out the “Look North” award on October 2nd.. Former Kansas City Police Chief James Corwin received the award for his service to the Northland.

On Saturday, the Orrick community celebrated that the flood was not as severe as it could have been. Hundreds enjoyed the band and carnival atmosphere.

I attended the Northland Community Services event with the Good Samaritan staff on Wednesday.

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